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I had to calibrate mine out of the box, because HDR made everything kind of too dark. 1. Some of them almost unwatchable! (like some scene in Sabrina or Bright) Is there any way to disable HDR or do something about the brightness? 2. #6. Assignees. Using a manual lens, I’m setting up for AV assuming if I set the ISO to 100 and the f-stop to 8, I’ll only need to be concerned with shutter speed. You're talking about target nits, so I assume you're using madVR, but that setting has little impact on picture brightness. I wish Samsung will add the option to turn off HDR support as I much prefer the picture from the Roku in non-HDR 4K, but one of the reasons to get the TV was so that everything was in one place and I could have 1 remote control for everything! Mar 31, 2021 · Game way too dark in HDR game mode I have an LG C7 Oled. . Unable to adjust color/brightness/contrast to acceptable levels. Report. I've messed with HDR settings on the Xbox, in game, and monitor. 4 3dlut on gamma 2. In domes, there’s a little bit of a filter put on, I’d say. It's possible you guys just need to calibrate your tvs. and the For inquiries: frenchtoastbiz@gmail. This is not a specific Problem of MPC only, since it also appears with VLC and Pot Player. afterall it is a survival sandbox game and the lights aren't just for decoration they serve a purpose. Jul 07, 2020 · 1. Janky. Fullscreen in games ignores color settings. My subject is an interior room in afternoon light with large windows for natural light. But this is also why 1. ASOwnerYT assigned d2phap on Jan 5. Agnar_burnsAll, Jun 3, 2016. Sep 20, 2020 · 09-20-2020 09:25 AM in. Comments. 07-06-2020 05:54 PM - last edited ‎08-06-2020 04:15 PM ) in. ASOwnerYT added the bug label on Jan 5. The broken part is if you still play HDR content, it doesn't trigger the TV into HDR mode. Nov 19, 2018 · Just upgrade my Netflix plan to 4k/HDR one and found that HDR titles play out really dark. First i have to turn on HDR in windows 10. HDR passthrough via madvr is working fine and it puts my TV into HDR mode like it should. How to Solve VLC HDR Washed out Colors/Too Dark. First switch to one of the decent picture presets, True Cinema, THX Dark Room or Bright Room, professional 1, for example. Just started ME2 and the contrast is all out, looks like the blacks are being seriously crushed and can't see any detail in the darker scenes. SirMaster. It’s super dark like it’s dimmed in my Xbox one x had to turn it off. AS for gamma the PJ has to by in 2084 and the image changes as I apply settings so not sure waht sort of manipulation it does exactly but it does something. MPC-HC can only expand the levels itself when using the EVR or MadVR renderers, but if you think video is generally too dark have a look to see if your monitor has an input level setting and make sure the video Oct 22, 2020 · Can someone help me with potplayer&madvr. Corners, under tables, etc, are detail-less voids. I am also able to enable the HDR switch in win10 across the board. #2. However, there are seldom devices supporting true HDR at present. But madvr just says "HDR, unknown properties". 2160p 10bit HDR videos too dark colors look bleached and dull like in the image below Dec 13, 2020 · What bothers me though, is when using this MPC Renderer with HDR, it will force turn off HDR option in Windows whenever I quit the MPC BE Player, regardless which states HDR was in Windows setting before MPC is open. It’s not a TV or the console issue. ", comes from a line in section 1. Selecting this brings more options: [target nits] - from what I understand this is not absolute value of your display peak brightness. The dark areas are so dark you can't see anything, and the bright areas give me a headache. Aug 31, 2021 · I've been setting up a new HTPC with Madvr for 4K and HDR. Mar 16, 2020. That's because they're often created to be shown in a dark, theatrical Aug 04, 2018 · With HDR 10 the night lighting is still dark. 1 Reply. Aug 25, 2021 · 2. 35 fixed that and made it look very close to HDR>HDR. Because of this the main struggle I have is finding content that I can watch in 1080p, on Netlix the only way was to downgrade my account and all Aug 21, 2019 · Yes, the TV/monitor displays HDR in OSD info, too, but the screen only gets the correct metadata (HDR info for tonemapping) from madVR if it uses NV HDR or AMD HDR, because then madVR uses the API of each one and HDR metadata is correctly sent to display. Nov 22, 2019 · If it’s too dark on all your HDR media, why don’t you just adjust your sett kings on the Tv? Picture calibration is always important and there is a lot of different tools to help you with that. I just bought a vesa certified hdr400 monitor and when I turn on windows HDR it looks more like the gamma just got cranked up. canyonblue737 said: Problem with the 4K HDR version of "Heat" with tvOS 4. The Video shows too dark, Brightness Control is In this video, we talk about DaVinci Resolve 17, how smartphones aren’t yet bright enough to watch HDR content in ambient light and we try to answer the ques Mar 08, 2011 · With PC levels and black level low the picture is way too dark. I know the point of HDR is true blacks, but it helps to optimise it. Mar 08, 2011 · Initially I was impressed with HDR but I don't have a dark picture that everyone speaks about, and I don't really want a dark picture either. Edited on Mon 4th May, 2020 @ 16:11 by Rep: 2. Hdr is possible without madvr in directx with custom presenter filter Apr 08, 2021 · Game way too dark in HDR game mode So after having read numerous posts on reddit and what not the HDR game option on the C7 is basically ruined by LG itself after an update a few years ago There is a “workaround” by changing the name of the PS5 HDMI port on the TV to PC which brings back the great colours and contrast that you would expect Mar 16, 2020 · 10,912. 02-28-2021 05:55 PM. FC 4485-4052-7934, PSN SARGEh32149606 Xbox live: GhostG2050. This will make the app that appears too dark brighter, so all SDR apps have a similar brightness level. 2 – Lighten the dark zones. Turinning off HDR gives me a much more vibrant colour. All other formats look great but this makes watching most TV about unusable with HDR which is now on with most NETFLIX, AMAZON ect. Win 10 creators update now has hdr on off tab so you dont even need mpc. The menu screens are fine but the moment it switches to the film its like putting on a dark pair of May 04, 2020 · Mine doesn't have HDR so I don't know if changing that setting will help you, but sometimes I have to change it when dark scenes in a game are too dark. 2020. In short, HDR is definitely 'On'. 10bit HDR files without actual HDR color. When EA first added HDR to Madden, I had the same reaction. Aug 26, 2019 · Sorry to hijack this thread, but I am trying to get HDR content to play with MadVR and whenever I try to play HDR content, it will only play in windowed mode (fullscreen turns the screen black) I can get the video to show in full screen if I right click to bring up the right click menu in MPC-BE but closing the menu makes the screen go dark again. It just really looks great in the sunlight. Thanks for your help Dec 07, 2019 · I'm using the 4895 beta. Honestly, with your TV I wouldn't worry too much about HDR, nor the local dimming. Moreover, when played via the TV directly, the video looks properly. 2390) by defaut and I change in the 3D LUT setting the “target peak luminacance” to I've watched some 4K HDR and 1080p SDR movies, and they both had crushed detail on the dark scenes, black color was just too deep. You saw the screen go dark when it kicks in. 20 was too crushed and dark. If you run nvidia then use hdr in madvr. comLinks to 4K Monitors below:Get the AOC U2790VQ here: https://amzn. May 23, 2021. The problem is the game is far too dark and I can barely make out anything, even using the flashlight. pc mode is working during this as the chroma image you gave works like in your image. Turning up brightness on the TV simply washes out the image and doesnt actually correct the issue. I switched to MG19 without any change on the TV and 19 looks good as I'm Used to. Disney+ is wildly inconsistent with HDR in general, and you’re in for a Bad Time ™ with a lot of it’s HDR content (including Mandalorian) if you’re using a low peak brightness HDR set (around 400 nits or worse) without a way to trick Disney+ into forcing an SDR image instead. HDR is too dark and colour looks dull. Chances are it's the TV. Dec 02, 2020 · Hopefully, at some point, it'll just be system level and it does away with sliders in games. chief606 3 years ago #3. We will now lighten the zones that are too dark. Click on Windows HD Color settings. Even on the highest brightness setting, the dark areas are too dark and details are lost when I use HDR. Everything works fine till 416. Sep 04, 2019 · But it never feels like you are seeing something real. HDR on my Q80T is too dark no matter what the settings are. Finally in 2020 you start to see options to configure HDR to adjust your monitor to your needs (saturation, hdr brightness, etc)have done a great job with the implementation of HDR in Doom eternal. Very disappointed wish I went with LG no support from SAmsung - 1433888 HDR images are too dark / colors are way off #956. I'm on the PS4 Pro with a 4k monitor that does not support HDR and so I have set HDR to off on my PS4 but the game is still much darker than it was prior to the patch and it's causing an effect known as crushed blacks where there is a loss of detail in dark areas of the image. Same goes for Forza Horizon 4. Also Javs curves can't be used when madVR is doing the tonemapping, you need to use an SDR calibration. Jun 07, 2020 · Most HDR on Netflix was fine before, so must be some different type of HDR in Ozark that made it so dark. level 1. madshi's detailed description of HDR support in Windows 10. So after having read numerous posts on reddit and what not the HDR game option on the C7 is basically ruined by LG itself after an update a few years ago Set the picture settings hdr to auto then turn up the gamma + 1 also turn black level up 5 and saturation to your liking it naturally seems to get darker or a tint look but if u get the gamma black level saturation and contrast right it looks decent not the best but decent you too fell victim to beliefs that the tv would look way brighter what you actually get is brighter contrast as dumb as I am on Windows 10 1803 with HDR option enabled in windows settings and am running a GTX970 and i am getting terrible dark colour banding on my Philips 4K TV whether it's watching online and offline videos or simply just looking at an image, the black colours still have banding on still images Mar 18, 2018 · That is what is happening when you enabled HDR in Windows 10 and the screen dims and turns grey. Sep 23, 2019 · I need to compare dark scenes with DTM SDR and HDR to see if those are tone mapped correctly as that is the basic issue when watching normal HDR they are too dark. so i tried the same files with the TV's internal mediaplayer -> perfect picture, not that dark. ive changed the pc levels 0-255 and 16-235 to help but only makes a very tiny difference. TV's gamma is set to 2. The Video shows too dark, Brightness Control is May 01, 2017 · from what I see it seems the hdr map is not that hdr at all, so the sun value is low . Dec 13, 2020 · What bothers me though, is when using this MPC Renderer with HDR, it will force turn off HDR option in Windows whenever I quit the MPC BE Player, regardless which states HDR was in Windows setting before MPC is open. 6 * (currentLum - lastLum ) ); We have added another multiplier that will tell the hdr that the difference in I'm on Series X with an HDR10 monitor. Lowering this will make picture brighter. the other hdmi levels are greyed out. shows. Mar 10, 2018 · 1080TI Gigabyte Aourus + LG OLED TV. Ha . Nov 10, 2020, 10:18 AM. ![] 1080p 10bit looks like ok. No Problems playing AVC 720p. It does sound like a settings issue, so there's a couple of things you can check. PS4 Pro switching input back and wor Mar 18, 2016 · so really the only issue with the darkness is if you are trying to hunt critters and poi at night or fly fast and low other than that it is a non issue. EA did not utilize HDR properly in FIFA like they did in Madden 18. May 24, 2020 · I don't understand why HDR is considered such a awesome thing. But for us that are having problem with HDR in Destiny 2, all other games and movies look good and therefore change settings in the Tv wold ruin for Dec 21, 2020 · P3Dv5. Dull and dark hdr with mpc-hc and madvr This seems like a pretty common issue, but even after going through a ton of suggestions and getting things a bit closer I'm still having trouble getting things to where they should be (I'm comparing a 4k hdr file to a 1080p blu-ray on my ps4). The only way to make it work is go into windows 10 settings and turn on HDR manually. Disney shoved a bunch of content Jun 07, 2020 · Most HDR on Netflix was fine before, so must be some different type of HDR in Ozark that made it so dark. Nov 30, 2020 · I have a TCL R635 and HDR looks way too dark for me. Jun 16, 2019 · Hey guys just got MG20 today for PS4. Yeah, the dark are horrible on mortal kombat 11 and the light are too bright in mafia 3. problem is: the picture is waaay too dark then. I play with the falcons and often use their old school black uniforms, and man, do they look slick! The whites pop as well. All my app that have DV or HDR work fine. Looks fantastic, but the HDR is not presenting like reality there either. i noticed that if u fo to window fullscreen then raise the brightness there then switch back to fullscrean hdr u can get the sliders to work!! it is a diferent thing so u retain some brightness from the window fullscreen then u can see the 2 mid icons and use a hdmi cable!!! Comment Reply Start Topic. 40 was too bright and flat. Hence I have set target nits to 120 in latest madvr beta with using gamma 2. When I watch movies with HDR the picture looks too dark somehow. This tweak modifies the overall aggressiveness of the HDR effect. Feb 28, 2021 · 90d too dark in HDR. It does not recognize HDR from movies so my monitor does not turn into HDR mode. Looks just as expected. Jul 27, 2016 · The video card defaults to TV levels when "use the nvidia settings" is selected, but the option to change it is under the Advanced tab. hope this helps Dec 02, 2020 · Hopefully, at some point, it'll just be system level and it does away with sliders in games. It is apparently common with thousands of customers. the image is obviously darker, and I reacted strongly against it. Under Battery options, select Optimize for image quality. Under Select a display to view or change the settings for it make sure your HDR-capable device is selected. Mar 04, 2019 · Because a 3D LUT is a fixed curve, I'm not sure it is worth profiling the HDR mode of the display because the tone mapping curve will be static for all sources, which can make some sources too dark while clipping some others. Jan 10, 2020 · TV shows and movies in 4K HDR offer the best home video quality available today, but in some situations it can look too dark. PES Demo drops on Wednesday and Konami is claiming full 4K and HDR support. Just purchased xbox x and 4k HDR TV. blazin912. Aug 31, 2021 · I've got a DX902 too, and the HDR on apps (HDR10/PQ) and Sky (HLG) is fine. Sep 23, 2019 · I think setting gamma to 2. Moral of the story $200 off and a $150 gift card was a little to good to be true. However, some uhd bluray rips (not my own) play waay too dark and I dont know how to fix that. Though you should start with that value. This is the only game where this happens to me. The TV's "HDR" indicator lights up, and an HDR movie looks better and darker (looking very washed out otherwise). It is also noticable on Amazon Prime for Oct 22, 2020 · Can someone help me with potplayer&madvr. Sep 10, 2020 · The one issue I have is that HDR content seems too dark. #1. So I've noticed that with some moves I just get extremely dark image, no HDR whatsoever even though the file is apparently in HDR with BT. HDR image contains a much higher level of details and are closer to the range of human vision, but it requires everything to be HDR-level to 100% render the effect. On new drivers HDR for me is broken. ) Move the Shadows slider to about +30, which will have the effect of lightening the bottom considerably. You can use windiws 10 player as long as yge hdr tab is on and your hdmi is set to 422 or 420 color. I've tried playing with the PS5 HDR settings, adjusting the TV picture settings, but whenever I compare it to having HDR turned off, it's looks like everything is overcast all the time. Ask questions MPV Windows builds default brightness too dark in HDR mode Provide following Information: mpv version; Any and all versions after mpv-x86_64-20191027 Dec 29, 2020 · HBO MAX HDR content (WW84 a good example) way too dark using AT&T TV streaming box (Netflix HDR content too) Anyone with a 4K TV with HDR trying to stream HDR enabled content (WW84 for example) find it so dark its practically unviewable using the AT&T TV Android TV box. Sep 11, 2019 · Re: HDR too dark? Both look good, HDR off is definitely brighter but HDR on makes the colors darker and more life like. Then it works properly. We were experimenting with introducing ambient lighting to see if we could better If your TV isn't capable of those peak highlights then you might find yourself with a too dark image as the TV is incapable of displaying anything in the HDR range. bug. I'll keep it on because to me it looks a bit more detailed with the wide gamut color pallette but I could just as easily play with it off. yes! I have the same issue. This happens on all HDR content, regardless of source. Yes though, HDR is meant to be viewed in a dark environment and does produce dimmer yet brighter images. Jun 03, 2020 · Turning HDR makes color washed out and dull. That's because they're often created to be shown in a dark, theatrical User Info: chief606. · 1y. I have three newer model Samsung smart tvs and they all have the same problem with 4K HDR content, dark scenes are almost blacked out to the point of being unwatchable. It's so far beyond any other tone-mapping including stuff like a $6000 Lumagen video processor. I have to say I think it may be a little too dark, but it's hard to tell what the 'real' intended levels of the movie are. 32. Recommended Posts. @Doofussy2. 4k Blu-ray player does same thing but switching back and forth input sometimes triggers proper display. 2020 / SMTP/BT. Any additional tone mapping would probably just lower the brightness. So the question would be, should I keep the TV levels in madVR or is there something weird in my setup? Which one should look better? 3. could be a possibility. Like on youtube you could see the texture on batman cape a Sep 11, 2021 · 4) tone map HDR using pixel shaders - this is where the magic is and tells MadVR to do tone mapping. Color looks more natural now and less dark. Aug 29, 2019 · Re: HDR too dark? Outdoor games in the sunlight look fabulous. sho69607 29 sho69607 Aug 02, 2021 · To play HDR content when running on battery: Select the Start button, then select Settings > System > Display. After many emails and sending them proof of how dark/dim it is they said it is by design. The only way around this that I've found is to trigger HDR in Windows 10 via madVR. sho69607 29 sho69607 Apr 09, 2020 · That is also why you can just set HDR output in mpv/another application in the swap chain, and Windows will map it to your actual screen's output range just fine. The HDR game looks amazing with the fantastic ID TECH 7 engine is very well implemented on PC. 20 in madVR calibration settings. Posted June 20, 2021. GBLNMD 2 posts. #5. I watched a couple movies where it seemed too dark in dark scenes, and then I've been watching Bosch on Amazon Prime and it is also way too About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators using current K-Lite Codec Pack MPC with madVR for HEVC 2160p Video the Color Controls are not working. Dec 25, 2020 · Why HDR Looks Too Dark on Your TV, and How to Fix It. By sho69607, December 21, 2020 in The Prepar3d Forum. 81. Perhaps I should be using DCI-P3, then? This is the setting that looks almost identical (albeit slightly richer colours on the Panny) to my Panny. Just because it advertises HDR unfortunately doesn't mean it's really capable of it. It seems much darker than it did originally. So I guess I must be doing something wrong, but I just use the setting : Video 3D LUT for madVR HDR (D65, Rec. Sep 24, 2021 · Beginners' Guide to madVR HDR: tij: 9 10621 January 14, 2021, 02:24:42 am non HDR video too dark: InflatableMouse: 5 1314 December 17, 2020, 05:31:25 am by Mar 31, 2015 · I found that without this next tweak the flight deck was too dark in the daytime when in a brightly lit environment. At Freedom's Hope now, there are places where my armor almost completely disappears into black. The only game i tried on both ps4 pro and one x that wan't more ugly in hdr was forza horizon 4. Feb 09, 2017 · To get the most out of HDR, content should be watched in a dark room, or the increased dynamic range will not be discerned. When I run HDR games they look great. Just started ME2 this morning. Me neither. If I switch it to Dolby Vision it improves the night lighting to almost passable but washes out the rest of the colors. I just bought a new LG from a sale on Dell's website about a month ago and i have the opposite problem where normal content is really dark or when i take the brightness up the colors are really washed out especially in DBfighterz. Like for example I watched a Batman Returns 4k scene on youtube with HDR on(in windows settings) and it looked brighter than my file on potplayer&madvr. when I meet these issues in Blender I can easily add a gamma node to control the hdr image "intensity" . Registered: Apr 2015. 444 the hdr tab is disabled. Feb 16, 2020 · But when I watch a real movie, in BT709, it’s very good, but on the other hand in HDR, it’s really very dark and too saturated. 2 and I have selected pure power curve 2. I wish Samsung will add the option to turn off HDR support as I much prefer the picture from the Roku in non-HDR 4K, but one of the reasons to get the TV was so that everything was in one place and I could have 1 remote control for everything! Apr 16, 2017 · Amd does not support madvr. to/2V0bnf2Get the Philips 276E8VJSB here: https://am Jun 07, 2020 · Dark scenes so dark they're unwatchable in HDR mode on UE43TU7000KXXU. last edited by. Either glaringly bright or pitch black in low light level areas. I Personally also contacted LG for support and got shot down saying this is normal and I must reset my TV settings. but with DS I guess the right way to go is by tone mapping, I'd try exposure value 12 instead of the default 13 and see what happens . Nov 10, 2020 · The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. I know it's an OLED, but other devices don't crush black this much; I believe this problem to be specific to the madVR processor. Now I'm not sure if this is an issue with the file or with madvr, but I'm encountering it more than I want to. Aug 01, 2019 · Since this update HDR doesn’t display properly. The gamma setting on my TV is 2. I’m really having issues with the 90d In-camera HDR. Apr 10, 2016 · 4K Blu-ray vs Blu-ray Reveals HDR Is Too Dim for Daytime. that HDR sign is up only when HDR content is being processed, and I use MADVR to make sure HDR content is passed through without any processing, so it's pure. Most videos play fine and non-hdr material generally plays fine too. 2, which is default. 4 screen (although I just learned that's not the desired setup) and I don't have to adjust Dec 07, 2019 · I'm using the 4895 beta. Rotation Support madVR will automatically rotate the video if rotation is specified in the video container, rotation can also be controlled manually. Wait, isn’t that fancy new TV supposed to deliver bright, beautiful images? If yours is a little dimmer than expected, we can help. Sep 20, 2020 · HDR on my Q80T is too dark no matter what the settings are. 65 madVR can use Nvidia's API for good HDR behavior in Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update). ASOwnerYT opened this issue on Jan 5 · 0 comments. From Germany. SDR BT. 4 screen (although I just learned that's not the desired setup) and I don't have to adjust The TV's "HDR" indicator lights up, and an HDR movie looks better and darker (looking very washed out otherwise). We’ve stumbled upon a truly ironic problem for the highly anticipated HDR (high dynamic range) format after watching a few Ultra HD Blu-ray movies on several 2016 4K HDR TVs we’ve reviewed recently. The TV says it’s getting HDR image. However, the colours don’t look HDR at all. It doesn't happen when using madVR. 2 way too dark at night with HDR and Envshade. I use Potplayer with madVR. Jan 29, 2017 · My TV also automatically switched to its "HDR" picture mode preset, which it only does when it detects an HDR compatible signal, in this case RE7. Destiny 2 looks way too dark. Somebody has the same Problem? Its very frustrating :-( LG made the new HDR Game mode to Dark/DIM. HDR too bright or dark I have enabled HDR, it look good on windows in youtube with a contrast of 50 on my TV. My MadVR settings config is here. Like on youtube you could see the texture on batman cape a using current K-Lite Codec Pack MPC with madVR for HEVC 2160p Video the Color Controls are not working. The scenes in the shuttle look horrendous. Mar 27, 2019 · I'm not sure that your issue is autocal related though because HDR content shouldn't be too dark with the right settings. Jan 31, 2020 · I can’t make HDR work properly with madVR and PotPlayer + 4K HDR-capable TV. I'm currently using RGB 8-bit though, switching content in ycbr 10 bit is painful on the eyes, while RGB is always comfy. but on Tomb Raider with 50% of ingame luminosity the game look too dark and the color too orange, and with 100% the game loose a lot of contrast, but the color is more realistic (like a normal day and not sunset with bright orange on Dec 21, 2020 · P3Dv5. when i am able to select pc mode with the player playback everythings dark. 2. But playing it via the PC May 23, 2021 · California. 709 3D LUTs could be profiled for both PC mode and one of the video modes for a comparison of gamut accuracy. Note: If you change the HDR/SDR brightness balance setting but the brightness of some apps doesn’t change, or if the SDR content appears too bright and desaturated, try restarting the app. Mar 08, 2011 · I find a solution, disable madvr HDR passthrough and set convert HDR "display peak nits" to 100 instead of 200 but tv is not in HDR anymore. in dim scenes you can't even recognize faces properly. Like not by much. 2160p 10bit HDR videos too dark colors look bleached and dull like in the image below Mar 08, 2011 · As of Nvidia driver version 390. 10. Those 120, 240 scan rates should always be turned off on TV’s, except for sports. MadVR "HDR unknown properties". Yes, the map in HDR mode looks dark I hope they fix it. I am running in 4k HDR / content matching and frame rate matching ON and the movie in unwatchable because it is so dark. I first really noticed it in the drop ship to meet the Illusive Man. 2 and my Sony X940E tv. Yep for projectors madVR is basically essential to getting an amazing picture from HDR that looks noticeably better than SDR even with limited brightness. Set that to medium for best results. Change the line to read: float difference = ( 0. I can go turn the contrast up in nvidia control panel and it sort of balances out, but when I go fullscreen in games it lookes Dec 20, 2017 · Dec 20, 2017. FYI, most TV series and movies are shot with video cameras. I enabled HDR in madVR settings – screenshot. Guess there is some Stream Protection happening since the Content is HDR. Game is unplayable with HDR enabled. Labels. (We will deal with the brightest zones, such as the tail of the aircraft, on our next pass through. Hi, I've been plying through LE n XboxSX and ME1 looked great. Brand New 80t so dark I cannot even watch dark scenes on movies or shows . It is worst on the in-built Disney+ app (the Star Wars movies + The Mandalorian scenes are so dark you almost cannot see anything, as well as Marvel's Black Panther!). Mar 08, 2011 · Im using madvr with mpc-hc and geforce gtx 1080. But that is by designso the display doesn't blind you. Whats wrong with the graphics? Its much too dark and dont look good.